About the MPS Psychologist Directory

The MPS Psychologist Directory contains a list of Psychologists who are members of The Manitoba Psychological Society. MPS provides this directory as a way for you to search for psychologists who are located near you and who provide various services.  These services could include psychotherapy, assessment, consultation, workshops, or media interviews. You may select by the specialty areas associated with your concerns.

The Psychologists listed have identified themselves as having expertise in addressing the problems listed. MPS does not endorse any specific individual and does not offer any form of guarantee as to the practitioner’s skills.

Practitioners are listed randomly each time the page is loaded. MPS suggests that you contact at least three psychologists by phone before you choose the one with whom you wish to make an appointment. You may want to discuss how much experience the psychologist has had with patients/clients with problems similar to the one(s) you have, the cost of services, how frequently you would be seen, the predicted length of treatment and any questions you have about training or experience.

Psychologists in the MPS Psychologist Directory are licensed in the Province of Manitoba and are registered with the Psychological Association of Manitoba. The listing of psychologists’ specialties is based on self-report. Psychologists provide testing (assessment), psychotherapy, consultation, and other services. Psychologists in Manitoba do not prescribe medication.
Please remember that most psychologists may be with patients/clients when you contact them, so you may need to leave a message letting them know how best to reach you.

Search Tips

  • The default search screen is a simple search and includes potential wait times as posted by the psychologist. The search field intelligently searches member names (as well as address and city) as you type, filtering the results below to include all matching candidates
  • You may click any item in the Populations, Therapy, Assessments, and Areas of Expertise categories to filter only those members that match those results. i.e., selecting children and cognitive behavior therapy will show only those psychologists that deal with children AND provide CBT.
  • You may click the name of any psychologist to get to their detailed profile screen, which includes additional contact information and detailed services
  • Selecting the advanced search option gives even more search control, letting you specify additional criteria, and selecting multiple items in each category. You may go back to simple search at any time from the bottom link or select “clear values” to clear all your search options.

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